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Manufacture and technologies

1.Art of adviting
2.Business Plan
3.Communication Systems and Information Theory
4.Darba speka loma uznemejdarbiba
5.Fatigue of Ship Shaped Production and Storage Units
6.Fujifilm (company fudzhifilm)
7.How to negotiate effectively
8.Informaciniu inovaciju idiegimo strategija ir taktika
9.Iq: a grief from mind
10.Lexico-sementic characterstics of business letter correspondence
11.Mig mag tig welding, installation of baths and shower pallets, connection of plastic pipes
12.O l. century kantorovich and linear programming
13.Pakalpojuma uzmuma izmaksas
14.Printing problem led to first air conditioner
15.Respiration and Respiratory Systems
16.Si-2000 characteristics it is scarlet
18.The Value Based Leadership Theory
20.Failures and accidents of ships

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