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Aircraft, astronomy and astronauticsMusic
Bank, exchange business and insurancePedagogics
Health and safety and labour safetyOf the politician and society
Biology and natural sciencesProgramming, computers and cybernetics
Accounting and auditManufacture and technologies
Military science and civil defencePsychology
Geography and economic geographyMiscellaneous
Geology and geodesyReligion and mythology
The state, jurisprudence and rightAgriculture
Journalism and publishingSociology
Foreign languages and Sports and tourism
History and historic figuresBuilding and architecture
Of communications, communication, digital devices and radio electronics
Customs system
Cookery and foodstuffTransport
Culture and artOf the physicist and power
Marketing and advertisingThe finance, money and taxes
Of mathematicianChemistry
MedicineEcology and wildlife management
The international relationsEconomy and economic theory
Management and labour relationsEconomic-mathematical modelling
Of moskvovedenie and study of local loreEthics and aesthetics

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